Meet our team of highly experienced coaches and experts.

Simona Simulyte

Simona Simulyte is an engaging Lithuanian training expert, business consultant and the head manager of European Social Entrepreneurship and Inovative Studies Institute. Her PhD studies are based on research of success of service business, more than 20 years of practical experience in sales & marketing and more than 7 years of training resulted in becoming the source of inspiration for many clients. As she works with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors, she feels committed to bring a unique approach and total devotion into each clients’ engagements and investments. Simona has trained people in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sales, Effective Negotiation, Coaching, Motivation, Problem Solving and others. Also she is mentoring various start-ups and helps them to be developed and enter the market. Her different approach to young people and creativeness gives amazing results.

Naglis Nasvytis

Naglis Nasvytis is an experienced captain and the President of Lithuanian Sailor Union. Over two decades of sailing and supervising different teams made Naglis a leading and skilled manager in the field. Often Naglis is described as a great businessman, successful sailor, and talented sculptor. Naglis Nasvytis was one of the captains in “1000 Odyssey“ project. The biggest challenge of this project was to sail around the world and to spread a message about Lithuanian identity.

After years of sailing Nasvytis strongly believes that sailing develops personality and shapes attitude because it is an extreme sport where a person has to fight against nature.

Presently Naglis Nasvytis works as a director in UAB „Beola“. His main activities include planning of company‘s activities, development of strategic planning and management, and networking with international partners. Nasvytis also has valuable experience working as a deputy of a chairman, and clearly understands the importance of good international communication and organization of exhibitions. Therefore, he has invaluable knowledge, which can be used to inspire young entrepreneurs.

Paulius Kovas

Paulius Kovas has been in media business from 1986, from 1995 program acquisitions manager and later program director for BTV and TV3, from 1998 until 2007 CEO of LNK TV the biggest commercial TV channel in Lithuania. The recent years has changed the lifestyle from office desk to travel. His main occupation now being lecturing (team and personal motivation, leadership, negotiation, and creativity), consulting and coaching. Paulius has been involved in start-ups as a business angel.

Paulius has been elected as one of the best managers of the year by Lithuanian business magazine. He has been sailing since childhood. In recent years has crossed the Indian Ocean and twice the Atlantic Ocean. As a captain sailed more than 30.000 miles. In 2008/09 he was one of the organizers of Lithuanian sailing expedition around the World.

Saulius Šukaitis

Saulius Šukaitis has embraced challenges into his life since the age of 16, when he has started active 15 year period of mountain climbing and guiding, winning Pan-Baltic climbing championship in autonomous alpinism category in 1999. This is followed by over 15 years of sailing career in both – yacht cruising and racing areas. In 2009 Saulius participated in exclusive sailing event called „Millennium Odyssey“(on Volvo 60 yacht „Ambersail“), which was dedicated to celebrate Millennium of existence of Lithuania. The itinerary of sail extended around the world and was widely broadcasted in numerous countries.

All his active life is mixed with 22 years of business management career, which started in area of hotel development and last 16 years focused on the business of media communication – bringing local media agency to leading position in the market and then to global Vizeum network. On top of this crazily interesting lifestyle Šukaitis continuously is lecturing in educational and training projects in fields of advertising, communication, media for various Lithuanian universities, colleges, consulting companies, and events.

Elena Tanou

Elena Tanou with over three decades of experience uncovering secrets of successful tourism business has an exclusive experience in the field and has become a principal authority on achieving extraordinary results in Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd (a leading international tourism company in Cyprus). She is travelling more than 200 days per year. Ms. E. Tanou graduated from the University of Nancy where she obtained her BA degree in Travel and Tourism Management. She used to work in the UK, in Travel Industry specializing in the sectors of Special Interest Tours and Conferences.

With straight-from-the-heart passion and high-energy, Elena motivates her employees to step beyond their limitations and their individual greatness. This makes her a great leader, successful business woman and exclusively skilled traveller, who always sees a business opportunity in things that others would miss out.

Giovanni Zinna

Giovanni Zinna is a true visionary in the field of unconventional travel. Giovanni has transformed outbound travel in Italy, he is employing native people, who are much better equipped with unique facts and experience about their own country than any other outsider. His philosophy on vacation has nothing to do with lazy holidays, he believes that when you travel, the most important thing is to experience local lifestyle, culture, and traditions.

Currently, Giovanni is an administrator and legal representative of Moltivolti Capovolti as well as President of the association “Moltivolti Tipped”. His organisation is working with different international companies and shares the educational message about socialization and integration of Responsible Tourism.

G. Zinna used to be the head of CEPU Palermo headquarter with key responsibilities in the commercial sector. Later he started to teach and coach others about marketing (planning marketing strategies) and business management.

Additionally, G. Zinna also has 3 years of experience working as a Coordinator of the Centre for immigrants. He is also the owner of a small coffee shop. A smell of good coffee in the morning gives a sense of quality life to Giovanni and fellow entrepreneurs who visit his hub.

Kazimierz Waluch

Dr. Kazimierz Waluch is a professor with a student-traveller heart. After his studies in languages and culture, adding long-lasting experience and contact with the cultural environment, Kazimierz has decided to direct his research towards tourism. The combination of interests in culture, international relations, as well as scientific research, led Waluch to a specific interesting research area in  which he obtained his Ph.D. degree. Kazimierz believes that constant development and improvement of knowledge and skills is essential for any person who wants to be an expert in any field. Therefore, he keeps participating in numerous national and international conferences, continues to deliver lectures in Polish and foreign universities and colleges, has published many academic publications and articles. Moreover, Kazimierz Waluch has developed and executed nearly 150 projects which obtained external funds. And his efforts paid off! Now K. Waluch is the director of the Institute of Tourism at the Central School of Tourism and Recreation in Warsaw.

Andreas Kakkouras

Andreas Kakkouras joined Top Kinisis Travel in 2011 after completing his studies in the UK.  He received a BA (honors degree) in Marketing and Business from Middlesex University and an MSc degree in E-business and Innovation from Lancaster University enabling him to gain the skills and knowledge needed to shape innovation in e-business and e-commerce brought by the Internet, mobile, and multimedia technologies.

Andreas holds the position of Marketing Manager.  His position involves the fulfillment of the company’s demanding marketing and advertising needs and more specifically the production of advertising materials and the promotion of the company’s brand name.  Andreas is responsible for developing marketing and advertising strategies for the short-term as well as the long-term perspectives in creating new products and services and promoting the existing ones.  The search for opportunities of forming and building mutually beneficial relationships with other companies is also part of his day-to-day work.

Besides the online and offline marketing of the company, Andreas often represents the company by attending exhibitions and seminars abroad in order to establish new co-operations and keep up to date with the new developments in the Travel and Tourism Industry.

Raimonda Iskauskaite

Raimonda Iskauskaite is a passionate traveller, visual communication geek with a “think out of the box” attitude. She has distinguished proficiency in public relations, marketing, creative writing and visual communication. Despite her young age, Raimonda already presents 8 years’ experience in creative writing, 5 years in PR and visual communication, and 4 years in management.

Raimonda likes to challenge herself and constantly try to come out of her comfort zone, therefore she has substantial experience in travelling and living overseas (in the USA, Nigeria, Jordan, Finland, and Lithuania) and has work experience in private, public and non-governmental sectors. Raimonda shows a broad variety of professional and generic competencies with exclusive skills in coordination, management, social media and visibility analysis.

Currently, Raimonda Iskauskaite is working as a communication and visibility manager in European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute and is equally responsible for the project proposals preparation team as well as talent acquisition division.

Laetitia Barbu-Ünlü

Laetitia Barbu-Ünlü is a Consultant in sustainable tourism development and heritage promotion. Since 2009 she works for the public and private sector. Initially, she graduated from a School of Fine Arts specializing in multimedia, audiovisual and new technologies, she has additional training in tourism development of territories and has worked for a tourism development agency for 6 years. She has initiated to create a special division of the agency dedicated to the management, and promotion of heritage then completed her course by a professional training in technical archaeology (Maritime heritage specialty). Since 2010, she has created her own business, Arkellia agency-network, dedicated to the development and management of the sustainable tourism and heritage promotion sector. The agency brings together a set of experts in various fields such as tourism development, sustainable development, economic development, general and European fundraising, environment, architecture and scenography, archaeology, graphic design, web development.

She is working mainly for innovative, competitive and sustainable projects in the framework of European projects, European cultural itineraries, and projects in partnership with UNESCO, but also for the development of projects at cross-border, national, regional and local levels in various countries.

Fadil Ünlü

Fadil Ünlü is an experienced captain specialized in traditional wooden boats called “Gulet” in Turkey and “Kaiki” in Greece, organizing cruises in Turkey and the Greek islands. He has been working on those boats for 17 years and has been the owner of two boats, one of 24 meters (16 passengers) and one of 17 meters (8 passengers). He has been working for the famous French tour operator Marmara, with Lara Vighier, for 8 years in Bodrum, organizing cruises 6 months a year. Fadil Ünlü is native from the Aegean village of Bozburun, the most important village in Turkey for wooden boat building shipyards and a renowned natural protected peninsula.

Krzysztof Celuch

Krzysztof Celuch joined the meetings industry as a tour leader for a number of DMCs in 2000. As a journalist with over six years of experience, he has published more than 100 articles about the meetings and events industry. Krzysztof graduated from Academy of Physical Education (M.A.) and got Ph.D. in political science from Warsaw University.

Besides his active role in MPI Poland Club (President 2009-2011) and as an international volunteer in MPI International Board of Directors (2012-2015), he is a vice-rector at Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Vistula University Group). He organizes a student conference: IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum Warsaw and he serves as a jury chairman for MICE Poland Personality of the Year competition and MeetingPlanner Power Award. He is a visiting professor at San Diego State University and Warsaw University.

Since 2006 he has been working in destination marketing. Currently, he is the head of Poland Convention Bureau, which is a part of the Polish Tourist Organisation.

Each year he launches a Poland Meetings and Events Report on current and future developments in the meetings industry in his country. In 2007 and 2008 he was nominated as one of The Meeting Professional Magazine’s “30 people under 30 age currently making an impact on the global meetings community”.

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