Here are the 2016 season VOYAGE trips Frequently Asked Questions.

Please read first the Need/Not need list here: 

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Training topics

Some of you keep on asking brief introduction of training topics :), here you have all topics:

Group composition

How many people will be in one group?

Groups sizes may differ. For a 2 weeks (land/sea) trip, a group is formed of 2 subgroups of 8 people each.

Is it clear who will go sailing first week and who second? Are we gonna meet all together when switching?

Everybody will meet at the start and during changing.
During the Welcome party 2 groups will be together. During the Welcome party Paulius Kovas and Simona Simulyte will divide 16 people into two groups, no one knows exactly in which group you will be. But if you have some very very serious reasons why you would like to be in an exact period (sea first, or land first; let us know).

Travel insurance

I’d like to ask your advice on choosing a travel insurance company. Is there any particular insurance company you are working with, so they can understand what kind of insurance would work for us the best, since we are going on multi-sport adventure? So, what kind of sports, besides sailing we will be involved into? Mountain climbing, rafting ect?

If you have a credit card that covers the travel insurance so that’s enough.
Also it’s worth to have EHIC – European Health Insurance Card (It’s not a travel insurance)
EHIC doesn’t cover all accidents so it’s advisable to have travel insurance as well.

Bag packing

For this trip we need to have a lot of stuff.
How about our luggage, we can take just one small cabin luggage? or more?

For the land part you can take a ton or two :), but for the sea part, please take the most essential stuff, that can fit in a folding bag, which should be packed under your bunk (bed).

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“Info regarding sailing clothes for participants. A special price can be agreed for 2 weeks rent of jacket and trousers from a charter company, depending on your country of origin.”
I saw skiing costume was mentioned too, is it very different from these clothes? would it work to take skiing costume and termo clothes instead of renting?

Skiing costume is better than nothing, but salt water can destroy it. It depends on the weather that we get.

A question about shoes for rainy days in the sea. May someone could recommend what shoes is the best way to pick? So we are allowed just to have a bag, so taking boots probably isn’t the best solution, Crocs? In shops I just found that slippers type with big holes, will not it be too cold with these ones? Any suggestions?

The main thing is that the sole of boots/shoes does not make black straps on the white deck. You can check that in your bathroom.

I would also like to address what happens if our clothing that we bring isn’t actually adequate for the boat ride? Would there be someway to resolve this at the scene?

There will be no possibility to get extra clothes unless you swap with the participants that stay on land. It’s still cold in middle season. Advice: to make your luggage lighter, put all warm and heavy clothes on you when boarding the plane.

Will we need linen and/or towels during (parts of) the Voyage?

No, you will not, everything will be provided.
You will get towels as well, but if you prefer to have 2, you can take your own as well.

Trip information

I would like to know some details, like how big the boat is going to be (a picture would be nice so we know what we are dealing with, or at least the model of the boat), how will we actually be spending our days ( aka do we have a schedule/program yet? Because i think it is important to know exactly how we will be spending our time).

One group will start their Voyage from the first Saturday night on the deck of a sailing boat of this type: Beneteau Cyclades 50,4 and Sunday morning we’ll sail away. All week we’ll be sailing around shores of two countries and back, sometimes even at night.

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So, either way, we will stay for 7 consecutive days on a boat then? Do we have where to shower?

There is a shower on the boat, but limited water and in marinas when we stay in them. There will be wild nights on anchor. The reason we are going to sea is to forget the comfort that we have on land. So be prepared for a tough, wet, cold sea ride. Business is not a comfort at all.

What do you think if you could make a sailing week free of smartphone use? (This was a suggestion from the previous group that sailed in Croatia). During that week I would like you to concentrate on your feelings, your attitude to other team members and there will be a lot of tasks. For emergency calls from your parents, spouses and friends you could use my phone.

Phone flight mode is OK in order to take pictures, or you can bring a simple camera.
A professional camera is no good for boat because the best pictures are in bad weather and you should have it always ready in your pocket.

Can you also give us more details. About some arrangements. Like where we meet. When we reach our first point etc. Where is it? Should we take care of some ticket prints?

You will be informed. But some participants will meet each other at the airport. And from the airport, in destination country, everybody will be picked up and transferred to the Welcome party.

And just to double check about check-in procedure. Do we have to check-in online or we’ll do that at the airport or both options work?

At the airport, you will have check-in baggage.

Participants' tasks

During the Welcome party all of you will be invited to present yourselves on “the stage”. Just couple of minutes to present yourself (in other words you can express yourself as you want: talk, dance, sing or stand on your head or…) and you will be asked what are your expectations from us, from your team members and from yourself. We will not have too much time for this first introduction, so be ready for a quick pitch about yourself, max 3 minutes.

VOYAGE Challenge history

VOYAGE Challenge was founded by Simona Simulyte. The seed investment that brought VOYAGE to life was given by the COSME programme of the European Union (VOYAGE project No. 676730).

Now VOYAGE Challenge is an independent entrepreneurial travel program.