Brand-new 2 weeks fast track entrepreneurial training

Sail the challenging the Aegean Sea, explore a different side of Greece, off the beaten tracks and full of talents. Meet the best entrepreneurs and be ready to meet your own “true-entrepreneur”

Multicultural group

7 Days at sea

7 Days on land

Shared know-how


January 14 – 28, 2017.
Why is this training exclusive?

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Successful and well-known companies
Participants get to visit successful and well-known companies of the tourism value chain.

Unique and accredited programme
Participants take part in a unique and accredited programme on entrepreneurship and sailing.

Prominent coaches and mentors
Participants get to hear originally structured learning material by prominent coaches and mentors, which will not be replicated in other training.

Training on a sailing yacht from the outstanding captain Paulius Kovas
Participants are going to attain training on a sailing yacht from the outstanding captain, manager, lecturer, negotiation consultant and sailor Paulius Egidijus Kovas. He was a co-author of Millennium Odyssey project and captain of yachts Ambersail 9th stage.

Work hard, party hard
Participants are going to experience “work hard, party hard” concept.


Simona is a training expert, business consultant with over 20 years of practical experience in sales, marketing, also, she is inspiration for many customers. Her PhD studies are based on business success factors analysis and modeling.
Working with the leading organizations in the private, public and social sectors, Simona brings exceptional thinking in organizations and are fully committed to every customer, helping them to achieve maximum results.
Moreover, she is a mentor of variety of start-ups. Her responsibility is to help them develop, grow and take root in the market. Her unique approach to young people and creative thinking brings astonishing exceptional results that amaze the surrounding.

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Voyage challenge captain Saulius ŠukaitisEXPERT COACH (SEA PART): SAULIUS ŠUKAITIS

Being 16 years old S. Šukaitis began to climb the mountains. Active mountain climbing and leading the expeditions uninterruptedly lasted for period of 15 years. Saulius, president of former marchers club of Vilnius University (VU) in 1999 won the Baltic countries Mountain Championship in autonomous category climb.

Climbing was followed by more than 15 year long lasting career in yachts regattas and cruise sailing areas. In 2009 S.Šukaitis participated in an exclusive sailing project „Millennium Odyssey ” (with the “Volvo 60” yacht “Ambersail”).

All of Saulius active sports and travel activities are overlapping with 22 year experience of business management that began from hotel development. For the last 16 years he is focusing on the advertising communication and media planning market.
S.Šukaitis believes in importance of sharing knowledge, so despite the hectic pace of life he finds time to share his knowledge with Lithuanian youth in universities, colleges and various educational projects. Additionally, he hosts conferences, and advises companies on advertising, communications and media issues.

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After more than 50 years of sailing and 30 years of business management experience, P. Kovas thinks that in business as in sailing – you have to keep calm under pressure. The parallels between the sea and the business are obvious: storm – crisis, yacht – company, captain – leader.
In the process it is important to keep the team motivated, to specify the aim, manage relationships and communication, etc.
Plato said that a leader has to be intelligent, brave, temperate and fair in decision-making in order people would like to follow him. And I still would add that leader has to be charismatic, willing to serve his people and to be altruists” – says P. Kovas.

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