Simona Simulyte is the creator and founder of VOYAGE and tells us a little more about the story and spirit of the VOYAGE trips.

13422245_10207571707543130_8190818842359734428_oHi Dear Traveller,

 I am very passionate about exploring countries, meeting new people and discovering new opportunities. But at the same time, I am always looking for “something …special…” and want to combine my personal and professional life somehow 🙂 I’ve spent most of my time these past few years traveling a lot for…work. And…one day I realized that everything I gained during long years of travelling, being in business and having a lot of very interesting and well-known contacts could bring some value not only for me. I needed to somehow tap into this network to bring value to others. This is how entrepreneurial travel VOYAGE was born 🙂

 VOYAGE was created to introduce entrepreneurial, like-minded travel friends to these accomplished international contacts. With VOYAGE I want to take you to new places, but make you feel like a local. VOYAGE helps you arrange face to face meetings with well-known entrepreneurs while also getting involved in challenges, business development, and adventures. When the trip is over, you will go home with lots of new ideas, new skills, connected contacts and a real result. Admission to VOYAGE is like a ticket to personal and professional freedom.

 VOYAGE is the way to explore your business ideas, meet new friends, arrange meetings with successful business leaders, and have fun!

I hope to meet you on my next VOYAGE.

 Warmest wishes,


P.S. You can contact me anytime and I will be more than glad to answer all your questions

Contact Simona: voyage@europe-institute.com

Entrepreneurial travel VOYAGE is an absolutely unique and comprehensive business development kick-off system. It consists of training & coaching, international networking & direct business contacts, mentoring & multi-cultural inspiration, travel & sailing, leadership & teambuilding.

What will you get at the end of VOYAGE Challenge trips?

After successful completion of the training, the  participants will receive a VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel certificate of 20ECTS credits (formal, only if all assignments were completed) or a non formal certificate (without ECTS) and a competent crew card (160 hours on the sailing boat).

Formal certificate with 20 ECTS and Non-formal certificate

VOYAGE certificate   VOYAGE certificate

Competent crew card

Competent crew card Voyage challenge

PLAYLIST – Ideas developed during VOYAGE 2016

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Airport Connector

Airport Connector is a cross-platform mobile app which the main goal is to help travelers of the same airport meet each other; giving them all the tools for it and – lastly – connecting them.


Commodious is an online travel agency specialized in low season of destinations. Once you enter the web page, you will find two gaps to fill. In one of them, you can write the name of the destination
customers would like to visit. In the other one, they can choose the dates when they want to travel. The idea is not to fill both gaps, but only one of them.


Kelukis is a unique innovation which helps to plan trips around Lithuania for the travel enthusiasts. Kelukis is a free travel agency in your computer, which will allow planning a personal trip in just a few minutes. You will need to enter only a few filters: the quantity of money, date, the number of people, interests, and Kelukis will provide you the best travel route through reliable sources and its analytical capabilities.


Knotty – is a traveling platform which helps travellers to connect with local people. Knotty is the app which: Helps people to find wanted journey in their own language; Lots of travel paths in the same app. Users only have to choose; Knotty selects only the best local partners and services; During the journey, you will be able to travel with local people who know their culture best.

Baltic Guide

Baltic Guide – International online guide platform, allowing for a fee to know the Baltic countries, together with the local population. Online platform, where eager travelers meet passionate local guides to explore the picturesque scenery of the Baltic States.


“LocaLoco” bracelet – it is a symbol of the formation of a unique human identity. The product consists of a bracelet which ends are decorated with eight icons, that shows the most necessary situations when you do not know the local language. These icons help travelers deal with the language barrier, problem anywhere in the world.

Magic tool

Magic tool – Sustainable Development Resource Consultancy. Project idea: Tourism Carrying Capacity Assessment. The development of a carrying capacity tool for the quantitative analysis of tourism viability at a regional scale, based on the resources utilised by tourist as well as the factors that influence tourism development.

Market Vibes

Market Vibes is an application/website targeting travelers/explorers who wish to shop for unique and local products, get a taste of the country’s culture and feel like locals while travelling. The aim of our application is to provide explorers who wish to taste the country’s culture, with clear and accessible information on where to find local markets, when they work and what they sell.


Picabu is offering a remarkable combination of a souvenir and photographs which will help you to preserve and share your best moments! Picabu – Exceptional Virtual reality glasses purchased in a souvenir shop or tourist center will help you to easily transfer your 360° photos online, link them with your smartphone to Picabu, and lastly bring or mail it to your family or friends.


Soulrover’s aim is to connect like-minded travelers for a true experience in traveling together and encourage newcomers to take the first step into adventurous life.

Event abroad

Event abroad – specialize on the tailor-made holidays abroad. Our potential customers are people, who do not have much free time and people, who want to have an original and unforgettable holiday.


TrustAlliance is a network of small and medium size businesses focused on providing high-quality and trustworthy products and services to tourists. It also provides training and certification to businesses owners.


T-SKELIA develops an innovative product concept that combines the online and offline commerce of unique t-shirts directly designed by Sicilian artists.
The product fills the gap between the need for personalized and unique touristic souvenirs and exploiting the high creativity potential of Sicilian artists.

VAROM International

VAROM International is the first international sober festival in Europe. The festival provides a unique opportunity to discover an alternative way of entertainment, free from any substances and drugs that lead people to a free, sober experience.